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Have you ever been emotionally invested in a sales call? I know I have. Guess what happens when we enter into a negotiation situation when we are emotionally involved?

You might be thinking, I'm an adult, so I can keep my emotions in check when I need to. But frankly, that assumption could be costing you and them top line revenues and gross margin.

This week, elevate your customer service strategy with insights from Karl Schaphorst. Discover the pivotal role customer care plays in driving business success beyond reactive support.

Videoconferencing has the potential to lead us into a serious, rapport-killing selling mistake that a whole lot of us are, unfortunately, already strongly predisposed to make.

It's no secret that the dynamics of professional selling are changing and ever-evolving, particularly with the proliferation of virtual selling, LinkedIn, social media, etc. What remains, however, is that selling is still a high-rejection business.

Do you have a process? If you think about it, the things you do successfully every day have some rhyme or reason. Even improv comedy performers, whose art relies on making things up on the spot, have a system they utilize to make these performances funny. 

By now (we hope!), you've already completed your sales forecasting for 2024 and are well on your way to laying the groundwork for a wildly successful year. Sometimes, however, many companies still struggle with gathering the pertinent information they need to accurately gauge the effectiveness of their selling and business development efforts.

Join us for an enlightening episode as Josh Shirley delves into the intricacies of selling SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions. Josh emphasizes the nuances of selling SaaS, highlighting the crucial differences from selling tangible products or services. 

Uncover the "four elements of sales success": prospecting, creating an ideal client wish list, achieving clarity and confidence in the sales process, and mastering effective negotiation techniques.

Navigating negotiations in sales is like being part of an intricate, ongoing conversation where every word, pause, and expression can swing the balance. It ultimately affects your bottom line, so you need to invest in your ability to negotiate like the pros if you want to get paid like one. 

Two prevalent negotiation tactics are Good Person/Bad Person and Promise of Escalation. Both require a keen ear and a steady, strategic response.

This week, we have an insightful conversation with Hannah Ajikawo as we explore the fundamental stages of awareness, consideration, decision, and post-purchase, shedding light on the complexities beyond the traditional "funnel" analogy.